John Muir Trail: The Substitute

Well, best laid plans…as they say.  The instigator of this whole affair has to drop out of the trip. Miguel had some conflicts that forced him to retire, leaving me solo and looking for a new partner. Quite a sad day really, given Miguel’s desire for an epic adventure, and all of the training he’s done to this point. Hopefully he’ll be able to pull it off some day.

In the mean time, what am I to do with only three months remaining until departure? Solo’s always an option, but my preference would be the companionship and safety in a qualified partner. The key word being “qualified”, I knew who to ask first.

Brian’s an animal, though he’s too humble to describe himself that way. His physical exploits are legendary around RobbJack, and I observed his mountaineering chops a couple times already on Mt. Williamson and Mt. Whitney.  He laid me to waste.  There’s probably no other person I know capable of jumping onto a JMT trip short notice, and not have me worry that they’re ready.

One short 17 mile training hike later and he’s good to go!

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