Father of three, husband, provider, teacher, leader, parent.  For sake of perspective, father of two teenage daughters and one precocious son, to whom I wish to share my thoughts and impressions about how to live a good, happy life.

My own formative lessons often occurred during a sauna with my dad, a Finnish tradition he grew up with and chose to continue, or were learned from some crusty Scout leader during an outdoor adventure.  There were few external “detractors” like Sponge Bob, YouTube, Minecraft, Facebook, or My Little Pony to prevent what they had to say from sinking in.  Communicating was easier in a less electronic world.

Rather than bemoan parental conditions today, I’m joining what can’t be beat, and will share with my kids in a medium they’ll understand.  The internet.  Digital has the added advantage of cross-linking great information and sources that prove dad’s not some wacko, and may actually know a thing or two.

Since kids don’t ever listen the first time, maybe they’ll come back for another read when they really need the advice.  Always remember kids, mom and I love you!

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